Tyler Carter

Personal Trainer
Tyler Carter


  • Weight loss
  • Strength and Endurance
  • Muscular Hypertrophy



Know Your Trainer

When I was 21, I ran my first half marathon and since then, my love for fitness has evolved. Since then I have run dozens of other races including half marathons, adventure races, marathon relays, and a duathlon. I am motivated by finding new challenges and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. I enjoy sky diving, skateboarding, kayaking, hiking and camping. I’m currently studying Athletic Training with plans to become a Physical Therapist. I have several fitness-related goals for myself in the coming years like competing in a natural bodybuilding show, diving into a triathlon, and maybe even running a full marathon someday. I love setting goals for myself, but I am truly passionate about helping others succeed in achieving their own goals. Let’s get better together!