Jacory Harold

Assistant Fitness Director
Jacory Harold


  • Body Sculpting
  • Weight loss
  • Toning
  • Endurance
  • Group Fitness



Training Philosophy

My fitness philosophy is “It’s yours IF you’re willing to do the work.” Simply put, you want those abs, those arms, those pecs, to get rid of those sad legs? We can do it if you’re willing to try hard, be consistent, and push yourself to be a better you. Training is a partnership and I never ask my partners to do something I wouldn’t do - depending on the day that may be either a little or a lot, but in the end we’ll do it together! For every reason why you might say you can’t do something, there are three reasons why you should, the most important being to be a better you. We each have one body so why not see what it can really do whether it be in the context of movement, weight training, general fitness, or looking like you were meant to look. You got up today if you’re reading this which means you’re already off to a good start: why not keep that momentum going?

Know Your Trainer

A life-long artist, I’m one of those former obese guys who one day decided to put down the fork and get moving. 15 years on and I love sharing the gift of good health, good habits, and banging bodies with all types of people.