Corporate Wellness

Get results for the whole company

Our passion is to help people live healthier, happier, and more productive lives through fitness.

Your company likely feels the same way and shares our mission of creating a healthy workforce that is more productive, energetic, sick less often, and benefits from lower healthcare and workers’ compensation costs. Onelife Fitness is here to help companies of all shapes and sizes in their wellness quest. Whether big, small or anywhere in the middle, Onelife Fitness can sculpt a custom plan for you.

As a business, the benefits of a wellness program are too great to pass up.

  • Reduce Absenteeism: It has been proven that healthier employees spend fewer days away from work due to illness, saving the company thousands of dollars in reduced down time and temporary employment.
  • Control Increasing Health Care Costs: For many companies, medical costs can consume half of corporate profits or more! Most employees are well aware of the benefits of fitness however they haven’t committed to a plan. Considering that the average employee will spend a large portion of their life at work, your employees are more likely to be inspired by a company-sponsored wellness program rather than something they find on their own.
  • Improve Productivity: See improved time management, judgment, work relationships, and overall mental health and happiness, and a reduction in stress.
  • Reduce Injuries: Healthy employees are at a lower risk for injury than unhealthy employees that have more risk factors.
  • Improve Employee Morale and Retention: Employee turnover is expensive and an employee wellness program is an added benefit to encourage employee retention while showing a concern for your team’s health and wellness. Offering a wellness plan may also help your company recruit and retain high level performers.

Welcoming members of every age, shape, size and fitness level, Onelife Fitness has a solution for your employees. We realize and respect that every company is unique and requires a custom plan. We offer the ultimate fitness experience with convenient locations, extensive hours, a large spectrum of amenities, clean and friendly clubs, Spa inspired locker rooms and travel benefits to over 3,000 clubs nationwide! At Onelife Fitness, our Corporate Wellness program is dedicated to not only helping your employees maintain their fitness, but to maintaining a strong workforce for you.

Want to get started? Give us a call and ask to speak with our General Manager.