Class Descriptions

Find out which classes are right for you

Swingers Club

A Kettlebell training using basic and advanced techniques. You'll learn the fundamentals of functional movement training and create a stronger more powerful you.


A high intensity interval circuit training class that uses battle ropes to give you a full body workout.

The Beast

Our most challenging class. You’ll be pushed to the edge in this beast of a bootcamp class.

Triple threat

Build strength, improve cardio, tighten the core in this triple threat workout! You will leave dripping after this class.

Bulgarian Blitz

Build functional strength while throwing around a Bulgarian sandbag. Work every muscle in your body as you learn to take control of the bag.

Fight Club

Learn how to jab, hook and upper cut all while burning calories in this cardio based boxing workout.

Barre Bootcamp

We've taken your traditional barre class and upped the ante! With movements inspired by yoga, pilates, and dance, you'll sweat, sweat, sweat while creating a lean and flexible physique.


Take yourself to the edge in this 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuit training workout that combines, strength, cardio and active recovery exercises.

30 60 90

A high intensity interval training class with progressions from 30 seconds in round 1, to 60 seconds in round 2, to a challenging 90 seconds in round 3. Get strength, power and endurance in 30 60 90!


The Rockout workout! POUND is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming.

Tread Bootcamp

Inspired by your favorite Tread class, Tread bootcamp will have you moving back and forth from the treadmill to the group X studio with this calorie blasting, strength building, cardio crushing workout.

Cardio Sculpt

A strength and conditioning class that incorporates cardio elements to fire up the muscles on all cylinders. Create long, lean muscle with weights while burning fat with bursts of cardio movement.

Circuit Circus

Get crazy in this fast-paced circuit training class using multiple stations and quick intervals. Never a dull moment, you’ll keep your heart rate up while building strength and increasing endurance!


Get better running endurance, form, and distance in this treadmill training class. All levels are welcome!

Brazilian Body

Based on our popular Ass and Abs class, Brazilian body turns up the heat with added cardio. Tighten and tone your favorite body parts and get your sweat on!

Beat It!

This high intensity cardio kickboxing class will torch calories and leave you dripping in sweat. Get fit while having fun with this music driven class.


Every WOD (workout of the day) will use all types of equipment to build your strength, conditioning and mental endurance! You will complete workouts such as AMRAP, EMOM and “for time” workouts. Come test yourself!

Barbell Blast

Fitness forged with steel and sweat. This full body weights class will push your strength, endurance and tone your body from head to toe.

Spin Cycle

A spin class that will leave you drenched in success.

Mountain Biker

We’re taking spinning to new heights in this challenging hill heavy spin class.

Cycle and Sculpt

30 minutes of spinning followed by 30 minutes of strength training and abs.

Biker Barre

30 minutes of spinning followed by 30 minute of a barre class. You’ll get your cardio while also creating long, lean muscles and strengthening your core.

Ripped Cycle

A cycling class that uses upper body exercises while on the bike. You’ll get a full body cardio and strength workout leaving you ripped!

Cycle to the Rhythm

Get lost in the music in this challenging cycling class that uses pulse-pounding music and rhythms.

Zen spin

A fusion of 30 minutes of spinning followed by 30 minutes of a vinyasa yoga. You’ll get in your cardio while also increasing strength and flexibility.

Spin Cycle X

Just like our regular 45 minute Spin Cycle with an added extra 15 minutes of awesomeness.

Energy Ride

In this spin class you’ll work your body to the high energy beats that will help you forget you are working out! Come party with us!

Cardio Hip Hop

Get your cardio in as you dance your heart out in this hip hop dance fitness class. Music ranges from throwback jams to the newest beats.


Always a party, this dance-based fitness class uses music and movements from around the world to give you a non-stop cardio blast!

Iron Yoga

This yoga class incorporates free weights for a greater challenge.


Decompress and unwind in this strength and flexibility based class designed to incorporate breathing with movement.

Strength and Length

Our traditional barre class. Based on endurance training, you’ll use light weights, resistance bands, and pilates balls to create strength and length in your physique.

Gentle Yoga

A traditional yoga class that focuses on breathing and restoration.

Ashtanga Mix Yoga

A fast-past, athletic style of yoga. You’ll improve your strength, flexibility and reduce your stress!

Power Pilates

Get more from your core in this faster-paced Pilates class that fuses principles of dance, yoga and strength training.

Dark Yoga

Not your typical yoga, this all-levels vinyasa class leads you on a journey inward with focused meditation, breath work, and ethereal music to guide you to a deeper, darker practice.

Yoga Flex

Yoga Flex is perfect for non flexible people! Guided and facilitated stretches can heat and lengthen muscles without straining joints and tendons. This class is a great supplement to eight and resistance training, jogging and high impact sports. Yoga Flex will increase range of motion, decrease stress and restore mental and physical focus.

Hard Bodies

A traditional strength training class. You'll use dumbbells, resistance bands, and a variety of equipment to tone and tighten from head to toe!

Straight to the Core

Abs class that focuses on core strength and stability.


Get rock hard abs in this unique class using the Rock 360, glider discs and more!!!

B.L.T. (Butt, Legs, Thighs)

The best snack for your body! Tone and tighten your butt, legs, and thighs in this intense 45 minute workout. Leave with your lower body shakin’!

H.I.I.T. it!

Pump your heart to the max in this 45 minute H-igh I-ntenisty I-nterval T-raining class!